Sales Without Sales Copy

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Down the Rabbit Hole East of the Ozarks Foggy 55 Degrees 7:20 a.m. There are three things you need for a sale to happen with a client or customer: You need desire… they need to have a problem they want solved. You need trust… they need to believe that you are the one to help them solve that problem. You need clarity… they need to understand what is happening within the exchange enough to make that exchange. If you ask most salespeople how you make a sale, they’ll explain that a sale is the result of selling. And while that’s a correct answer, it’s not the only answer. But isn’t selling bad? Doesn’t selling annoy everyone? Not if you know … Read more

Permission to Believe

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Down the Rabbit Hole East of the Ozarks Cloudy 65 Degrees 7:46 a.m. The Matrix has carefully crafted a perception for its “slaves” that certain things are OK to believe and other things are not. Accepting and living in accordance with one of the many sets of religious beliefs on the planet is “OK.” People might call you weird, but that’s about it. Just choosing your beliefs, any beliefs you want based on the truth in your heart, and living in accordance with those, however…we have a name for people who dare to do something like that. We often call them “delusional.” I grew up with a very specific set of beliefs installed in my being. These beliefs carried weight … Read more

Monkeypox Marketing Mistakes

Down the Rabbit Hole East of the Ozarks Sunny 82 Degrees 10:34 a.m. Years ago, I worked on a launch with a client for a product that turned out to be a total bust. A lot of money was spent creating it and a lot of time and energy went into marketing it. But people just didn’t want it. There’s not a whole lot you can do to fix that other than to go back to the drawing board, try again, and figure out if there’s any valuable way to repurpose the smoldering ashes of your first attempt. Now we don’t know how long the “powers that were” worked inside of their bio weapon lab network (like in Ukraine) to … Read more

The Road to Freedom

Down the Rabbit Hole East of the Ozarks Sunny 66 Degrees 9:27 a.m. As a college drop out, a single one hour recital away from completing my music degree, I’m not qualified, by Matrix standards, for any kind of real job. The only thing I’m qualified to do is to own the entire company. When I started my first business, I thought it was actually business that I was interested in. Getting customers, offering a great product, building wealth. Those are all of the exciting things they write about in books. I have to admit, getting my first order from the interwebz back in 2002 is something I will never forget. I chased the trappings of success for a long … Read more

Calling Out Stupid

Down the Rabbit Hole East of the Ozarks Sunny 87 Degrees 3:13 p.m. We’re getting to the point where more and more people are realizing the goal of the Matrix, apart from trafficking and abusing children, selling weapons to create fake wars, and drug dealing, is to normalize insanity wherever possible. The preferred method is to generate a never ending stream of protected classes that are really just folks suffering from various types of mental illness. You’re not supposed to say anything for the same reason no one pointed out that the Emperor was naked: Because stating the obvious had been turned into something between a social faux pas and an outright crime. But, given that I’m on a mission … Read more