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“I knew Jason had a material impact on my business (that’s why I keep going back to him again and again). But I just went over my year-end financials and realized to what extent his counsel and copy has mattered – my revenue was up 80 percent, with the same expenses, so profits more than doubled. The best thing is that all the work Jason has already completed for me keeps on giving – none of it was one-time only. He thinks in terms of systems and relationships, not transactions, so the plans, sequences, and copy can be used over and over. If we stopped working together tomorrow, I would still be able to use all that I’ve invested in over the past year. But why would I ever want to stop now? :)”

Michael Smart

Most business owners are far too close to everything in their business to see the opportunities for growth that are readily available to them…

Whether it’s your positioning in the marketplace, the systems you use to generate leads, the processes you’ve created to transform attention into paying clients and customers, the sales copy that generates revenue or even your own mindset, it doesn’t take many issues to create what seems like an enormous obstacle to your next level of growth.

For business owners who want my help seeing the way forward, or want to speak about an issue I don’t already address in my other offerings, I reserve a few 30 minute phone appointments each week to do that.

During your consultation, we will start our discussion with the item(s) you feel are keeping you from the success you want. There’s a good chance, however, that by the end of our session, our discussion will extend into several areas of your business.

Enrollment is $249 for a 30 minute session.

If you want to send me background info in advance of your session, feel free to submit it via email once your reservation is complete.

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