The Magic of Goodwill

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Down the Rabbit Hole In the Tropics Sunny 80 Degrees 10:01 a.m. We’re all wired for making money in different ways. I’ve proven to myself that the way Jason is wired to make money is to help others make money. My ego has hated this discovery ever since day one. And every now and again, when my ego (we call him Chuck) breaks out of his cage in the basement, he tries to show the world he’s got what it takes to succeed as a solo act. But he doesn’t. At least not by himself. And that’s why “Chuck” usually falls on his face and has to slink back into his cage if he doesn’t want to miss dinner. Being … Read more

In, Not Just On

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Down the Rabbit Hole In the Tropics Sunny 81 Degrees 8:35 a.m. It’s been about 20 years since I was first introduced to the idea of working ON your business instead of just IN your business. At the time, I thought that was an exciting revelation! Even though I barely had a business, I jumped right in and did all of the exercises to strategize the many systems I’d have in my business as it grew. Back then, I had no idea that the “on, not just in” strategy is even more powerful when you apply it to life. I spent the first 30 years of my existence IN my life. I was in the movie, playing my character, without … Read more

The Quest to Be More White

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Down the Rabbit Hole In the Tropics Sunny 80 Degrees 8:33 a.m. Since a tried-and-true Matrix strategy for dividing people is to pit one race against another, the folks in charge of the sinking Matrix ship have been working overtime to get different colors of humans to hate each other. This is just like in business, where certain tactics are extremely effective…for a while. And then, often overnight, they go from effective to relatively worthless, even cringeworthy if you keep using them long past their expiration date. And so it is with the race strategy. This topic always reminds me of a racist dog we had once. His name was Alex. He was black and he didn’t like black people. … Read more

Drip, Drip, Drip

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Down the Rabbit Hole In the Tropics Cloudy and Windy 82 Degrees 7:16 a.m. I’ve never had a flood of clients show up for anything… I’ve never had a huge river of money find its way to my front door and break it down… I’ve definitely helped OTHERS achieve those results, but for me, not so much. Everything that’s ever come to me has done so by way of the drip. Drip, drip, drip. Slow. Sometimes steady. Most often just seemingly random synchronistic events that bring me “Unicorn” folks who are completely different in very unique ways. “Dude, that’s not scalable,” the gurus will say. “You need to crush it man, otherwise how you gonna pay for all those tattoos … Read more

The Reality of the Matrix

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Down the Rabbit Hole In the Tropics Sunrise 77 Degrees 5:26 a.m. Is the Matrix there because it’s real or simply because we create as though it is real? The answer matters because it influences how you think, what you feel and the reality that appears before your eyes. If the Matrix IS real, then it’s smart to navigate through its confines to the best of your ability. This is what most people try to do. You learn how to best maneuver to where you want to go in your business and in your life given the constraints the Matrix presents to you. If it’s NOT real, then we have much bigger issues. Because then it becomes obvious that everything … Read more