I help you become the only logical choice for your prospective clients and customers…

How do you craft your positioning, communicate your value, and create the marketing and selling systems required to become the only logical choice for your clients and customers?

That’s the focus of the work I do.

“If you’re looking to do like we did, and go from a million or a million and a half dollar company to a six or an eight million dollar company in 12 or 24 months, I’d suggest you do consider booking an appointment with Jason.”

Colin Receveur – CEO, SmartBox Dental (Acquired 2023)

My name is Jason Leister. I work with successful companies who have something unique to offer to the world, something better, something more valuable than other choices in the marketplace.

These are the rebels, the disruptors, the innovators or those who are able to execute at a level high above everyone else. My work involves helping you get extremely clear on the value you provide to the world and creating the marketing and selling systems to communicate that to the marketplace in a powerful way.

That means I help you and your business look far more awesome, valuable and attractive than the way it looks right now. How? By figuring out how to tell a better version of the truth to the marketplace and helping you build the marketing and selling systems to support that.

I’ve used my skills in many different ways:

  • I used them to develop the systems to sell many millions of dollars of a $180K business training to skeptical dentists.
  • I used them to help a business owner refine her writing so it could power an entire training business, selling multi-thousand dollar workshop seats to Fortune 100 companies, using nothing more than a weekly email newsletter.
  • I used them to help a marketing agency grow from 3 people in a basement to 70 employees, not long after which the owner sold and is now enjoying a pretty nice life living however he chooses.
  • I used them to help a long list of folks connect who they are and what they love doing in ways that create material success.

About 13 years ago, I started writing about the work I do with businesses and what I’ve learned along the way. I’m still writing. This advice is sent each weekday…for free…to subscribers all over the world, many who have been here since the very beginning. (Who stays on an email list for 13 years?!)

If you’re easily offended, allergic to new ideas, or looking for someone to blame for your problems, this is not for you. But if you’re on the journey to success in business and you’re looking for ways to increase the results you create, then enter your information below to receive the next issue I publish.

“I knew Jason had a material impact on my business (that’s why I keep going back to him again and again). But I just went over my year-end financials and realized to what extent his counsel and copy has mattered – my revenue was up 80 percent, with the same expenses, so profits more than doubled. The best thing is that all the work Jason has already completed for me keeps on giving – none of it was one-time only. He thinks in terms of systems and relationships, not transactions, so the plans, sequences, and copy can be used over and over. If we stopped working together tomorrow, I would still be able to use all that I’ve invested in over the past year. But why would I ever want to stop now? :)”

Michael Smart

“A lot of copywriters are big on talk and short on value. If you’re looking for a copywriter who consistently over delivers and makes sales happen, then contact Jason Leister. A recent promotion Jason wrote for one of my businesses converted at 5%-12% depending on the traffic source. THAT’S what I call copywriting.”

Craig Ballantyne

“I had no idea who Jason Leister was before a piece of his copy landed in my inbox. I took one read and sent him this note: “Jason, I just read the piece you wrote for […] for the […] product, and I thought it was one of the best pieces of copy I’ve read in a VERY long time… Love your style man. Anyway, if you have any availability for new projects let me know… I’d love to work with you.” Since then, we’ve worked on multiple projects together. If you’re blowing smoke and selling hype he’s definitely NOT the guy to hire. His copy is authentic salesmanship in print. He’s the real deal, and one of the best kept secrets out there.”

Mike Dillard

“If you’re looking for a copywriter that understands how to not only write moneymaking copy but also graphics, the design and the layout… for online stuff AND offline stuff – Jason’s the guy. […] While he’s still available – you might want to book him!”

Yanik Silver

“Last month I hired Jason Leister for $16,000. Why? Because the dude gets things done, bottom line. Anyway, sometimes I’ll bring people on board so I can bounce ideas, methods, and all types of things off them.

You’re probably asking WHY I would write about this? The answer is simple: because I want you to learn from my experience. For this project, I wanted a talker and a doer, and I’ve listed my criteria below. Sometimes you may just want a talker, and there’s nothing wrong with that. A talker would basically be someone you just consult with over the phone. A doer, on the other hand, is someone who not only talks, but also gets in the trenches and works hand-in-hand with you.

Okay, so back to the criteria I use before I give a “DOER consultant” money…

Criteria #1: The consultant must have run or currently run a successful INTERNET-based business. I want someone who has started at least a 100K per year business from scratch. Jason has done that.

Criteria #2: He has to have worked with other successful people and helped them grow their businesses. I don’t have time to be anybody’s first client. The people I work with have to have proven their ability to help other businesses grow. Jason has done that.

Criteria #3: For higher dollar agreements (anything over 10K), I want a doer, not just a talker. I want someone who doesn’t just talk theory and make a list of things for you to implement while he’s on the phone, butt-naked and eating a Snickers – ANYONE can do that. I want someone to get in the trenches with me to help implement ideas, take responsibility for successes and failures – someone who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. That’s Jason.

Criteria #4: And lastly, I’m looking for someone who isn’t afraid to make mistakes or fail. On a business level, I’m fine with a 90% failure rate. The reason for this is simple. I’m taking so much focused action that all I need is a 10% success rate to be successful! Most “consultants” are too afraid of looking bad or failing. I don’t care; I just want someone with an enormous set of balls who isn’t afraid to fail.

Bottom line, do your research. If you’re looking for a copywriting/marketing expert with a fresh perspective about YOUR business, check out Jason Leister…”

Ricky Breslin
Breslin Media Group

Thank you Jason for the great info. I have been following your stuff for a while and during that period I have had my eyes opened and am seeing all the mistakes that I have been making in my business and as a result I have been able to increase my profits by well over 1000%, not to mention my efficiency and especially the results I have provided my clients. I actually forward your stuff to my wife as at times, it sounds like you’re describing me in your emails!

Having studied many $2000-$25,000 programs from some of the most elite consultants, marketers and copywriters, I have a pretty good understanding of what good education is, and the content I have received from your free daily newsletter alone is on the same level as many of those courses and puts you right up there among the finest in the world.

It has been my privilege to have come across your material, keep on with the good work you do. I look forward to more.

Thank you Jason