Branding, Positioning, & Marketing Systems for Achieving PREEMINENCE in Your Market

Success in the marketplace is not something you achieve by luck, it is something you engineer by design.


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Branding is not a logo or the color scheme on a website, it is the story you tell the world. It is a distillation of human intention powerful and clear enough to move humans to action.

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Where does the idea of your business live in the hearts and minds of those you serve? Is that a place selected by chance or one you engineered by design? If you stopped showing up in that place, would you be missed?

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Marketing Systems

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The purpose of marketing is to make selling unnecessary. The systematic demonstration of you, your business, and the value you create generates the raw material for clients and customers to sell themselves on what you offer.

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“If you’re looking to do like we did, and go from a million or a million and a half dollar company to a six or an eight million dollar company in 12 or 24 months, I’d suggest you do consider booking an appointment with Jason.”

Colin Receveur – CEO, SmartBox Dental (Acquired 2023)

A strategic approach to success

What no one ever tells you about selling…

Selling is not something you do to someone, it is something they do to themselves. Instead of building a “slippery slide of sales persuasion,” you engineer an environment where your clients and customers want to buy. This leads to revenue and a relationship with your buyer that is stronger after the sale than it was before. If you’re looking to be a trusted advisor to your clients and customers, this is how you do it. You don’t push them to the sale, you advise them to it.

The Process For Selling From a Position of Preeminence





The Road to Preeminence…

There’s a big difference between being great at what you do and making money doing what you do. Most businesses can deliver what they sell. But when it comes to selling what they deliver, things get far more difficult.

This is why you see tons of very smart, talented and extremely capable people in business struggle. You’re not dumb. This was trained into you on purpose. You’re not supposed to “make it.”

You were conditioned to believe you suck. You were trained to obey external authority. You were taught that what others think of you carries more weight than what you think of you. Worst of all, you were made to believe that permission is required for just about everything you do.

These qualities are not the foundation of preeminence in the marketplace, they are barriers to it.

The world of Sovereign Business is a land where we straighten out the screwed up mindset, get clear on a strategy that connects you with high-paying customers and clients and build the systems to engineer that magical transformation from stranger to prospect to client to fan.

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