I help you become the only logical choice for your prospective clients and customers.

Why should they pick you? To the extent you can answer that question, your life in business will be much more profitable. But most business owners don’t come anywhere close to making the answer obvious. And that’s why there are so many obstacles in between your prospect and you.

  • People with deep pockets attempt to fix this with “exposure.” Getting their name out there is all they need to do.
  • The direct marketing guys are so infatuated with ads they can’t see anything else. They’re only one ad away from greatness baby!
  • Other people think that the quality of their work will bridge this gap of understanding. But that seems to be little more than a well-intentioned and well worn path to tiring yourself out trying to get noticed.

How do you become the only logical choice for your clients and customers?

Making that possible is the focus of the work I do.

My name is Jason Leister. I started life as a classical musician (pipe organ) at the Eastman School of Music, where I won one of the most prestigious organ competitions in the country at age 19. Eventually, I realized that being a classical musician was an excellent way to work hard and starve at the same time. So I entered the world of business and never turned back.

I work with business owners to get extremely clear on the value they provide to the world and create the messaging and marketing systems to communicate that to the marketplace in a powerful way.

I use my skills in many different ways.

  • I used them to develop the systems for selling a $180K business training to skeptical dentists.
  • I used them to help a business owner refine her writing so it could power an entire training business, selling multi-thousand dollar workshop seats to Fortune 100 companies, using nothing more than a weekly email newsletter.
  • I used them to help a marketing agency grow from 3 people in a basement to 70 employees, not long after which the owner sold and is now enjoying a pretty nice life living however he chooses.
  • I used them to help a long list of folks connect who they are and what they love doing in ways that create material success.

About 13 years ago, I started writing about the work I do with businesses and what I’ve learned along the way. I’m still writing. This advice is sent each weekday…for free…to subscribers all over the world, many who have been here since the very beginning. (Who stays on an email list for 13 years?!)

If you’re easily offended, allergic to new ideas, or looking for someone to blame for your problems, this is not for you. Every issue will remind you of the person you could and the business you could build if you were just willing to move beyond your own comfort zone.

But if you’re on the journey to success in business and you’re looking for ways to increase the results you create, then enter your information below to receive the next issue I publish.