Choosing Freedom

Down the Rabbit Hole East of the Ozarks Sunny 70 Degrees 8:17 a.m. The Matrix runs on two primary ingredients: Dependence and fear. The extent to which these are present in your life determines how much control the Matrix can exert upon you. In the absence of these two things, the tentacles of the Matrix dissolve and cease to exist. Dependence and fear are generated. Neither is a natural state of being. Dependence is not determined by circumstance, it is created by a state of mind. Fear is a vibration we generate in response to our perception of the world. If you can learn to choose your response, you can write fear out of the script for your life. The … Read more

Why Homeschoolers Don’t Get Socialized

Down the Rabbit Hole East of the Ozarks Sunny 33 Degrees 7:37 a.m. When you talk to a mind controlled slave in the Matrix about educating your own children, the conversation travels through the land of quite a few very odd ideas. The Matrix mind has made it clear to its members that, despite hundreds of thousands of years of evidence to the contrary, only “experts” are qualified to teach children. These days, it even requires an “expert,” credentialed only by the Matrix, to properly cognize the difference between a man and a woman. Apparently, it is very complicated. The Matrix curriculum also says that teaching your child at home will deprive him of the proper “socialization” required to reach … Read more

Is It Legal?

Down the Rabbit Hole East of the Ozarks Sunny 45 Degrees 8:12 a.m. The Matrix system is an insidious cancer created to co-opt the life force of humanity. How’s THAT for a cheery opener! The good news is that the nature of the Matrix doesn’t change the inherent nature of humanity. Humanity is powerful. YOU are powerful. The Matrix training creates the illusion that humans are weak by raising them to believe it’s normal to give their power away so that pieces of it can be offered back to them as a reward for “acceptable” behavior: This is what religion is for. This is what the fiat money system is for. This is what the medical system is for. This … Read more

Racist Trains

Down the Rabbit Hole East of the Ozarks Cloudy 55 Degrees 7:42 a.m. Despite the Matrix’s attempts to implement systems of self-censoring by forcing humanity to be tolerant of everyone and everything, including the guy who identifies as a 10 year old affluent raccoon living as a French speaking support animal, the only sane way to move thorough reality is to BECOME TOLERANCE INTOLERANT. This is more important than ever if you want to build a business that actually works. In business, most of the challenges are created when you engage with people you have no business working with. Business owners do this for lots of reasons. Money is a popular excuse. But most every reason eventually leads back to … Read more

Chicken Talk

Down the Rabbit Hole East of the Ozarks Partly Sunny 45 Degrees 7:34 a.m. My son, True, has taken a liking to the chickens. It’s his job to keep them fed, watered and safe. At sunset every night, you can see him waiting down by the coop, helping the chickens find their home for the evening. This isn’t necessary, of course, as chickens do this on their own. But it’s clear he enjoys this. So that’s what he does. He’s also begun to develop an understanding of what you might call, “Chicken Talk.” He’s watched their mannerisms enough to know the motions they make when one of them wants to be picked up and held. Last night, he was standing … Read more