Business Growth Resources

SELLING YOU Newsletter

A monthly print newsletter focused on giving experts, trusted advisors, and other business owners the strategies, techniques, tools and mindset required to generate sales without without actually having to “sell” themselves like a used car salesperson.

60 Minute Phone Consultation

The Business Consultation is a 1 hour working session where we focus on solving specific issues in your business.

Power in Print Workshop

The Power In Print workshop is designed to forever change how you approach writing and the results you are able to achieve from it.

Positioned to Prosper Business Review and Report of Findings

The Positioned to Prosper Business Review and Report of Findings is an offering for business owners who want my help and insight on improving their current positioning in the marketplace.

The Platform Lab

Get my help strategizing and planning a media platform that is right for you, your business and the people you serve.

Laws of the Land Email Workshop

How to leverage the power of the “First Impression” to set yourself apart from everyone else, defuse prospect objections in advance and cement your position as THE trusted advisor.

Making It Rain Workshop

The Making It Rain Workshop is designed to help you create a steady flow of leads to your business.

Business Advisory Program (Email)

The Business Advisory Program provides clarity, direction and practical advice to help you make consistent progress growing your business.

Private Business Coaching (Phone and Email)

This is a one-on-one program focused on moving your business to a new level of success. The focus is customized based on your needs and goals but may include work in the areas of mindset, marketing, business systems, lead generation, media platform creation, client attraction strategy and more.

Partner Program

An offering for well-established and successful businesses, the Partner Program is a “do it for you” offering where we create the various systems, strategies and materials required to help you achieve specific goals you have for your business.

Build a Private Membership Association

If you’re looking to move your work outside of the “Matrix” system and into the protected jurisdiction of a Private Membership Association, FreedomWorks can help you do that.