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I edit a lot of emails. I write one for you each and every weekday, but I also edit the emails of many different types of businesses. I’ve been doing this for many years.

Some are weekly emails, some are daily emails, some emails are written to go into what I call a Laws of the Land sequence for new leads coming into your Universe.

You would think that writing a simple letter to a single human somewhere across the interwebz would be easy. But given the training we receive in the Matrix, there are generally many obstacles standing in between how someone writes NOW and the REAL writer that is hiding within them.

The Matrix trains its slaves that writing is a separate thing that requires a unique type of skill. When people emerge from the Matrix training program, “writing” means a very specific type of communication that follows a specific set of rules.

In the Matrix, writing at a college level is applauded as a “good” thing. In the business world, the world of selling, marketing and attraction, the REAL world, writing at a college level is how you go out of business. Or worse, it’s how you put your prospective customers and clients to sleep.

Writing, according to me, is talking in print. But it’s not just any type of talking. It’s talking that emerges as a result of clear thinking. It’s talking that is fueled by a distilled vibration so focused that it cuts through the clutter of the average mind.

The Matrix does its best to install many barriers to keep you from this type of communication.

So the sentences come out complex. The ideas are not focused. The words convey information but little to no meaning or power. Five words are used when one will do. The net result tends to be a reader that is left unchanged and unmoved at the level required for action.

Next Tuesday, November 28, I’m going to share what I’ve learned about writing emails for business over the past 20 years.

If you’re looking for a paint-by-number system that’s plug and play, something that is “cut and paste ready,” this isn’t for you! That’s because writing is art. It’s art waiting to be activated inside of you.

Anyone can do it, because anyone can BE THEMSELVES. Getting the REAL YOU in print is the work. But it’s work worth doing.

When you do it right, one message can be leveraged to impact millions.

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