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They Don’t Know

Down the Rabbit Hole
East of the Ozarks
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10:06 a.m.

If they knew you were the right choice for them, they would come towards you to get their problems solved.

If they knew you were NOT the right choice for them, they would leave and find someone else.

But they don’t know. And they won’t know. Until they do.

This is the challenge of business. It’s not marketing, or selling, or systems or finances.

The problem is CLARITY.

Without it, nothing much happens.

With it, everything changes.

With clarity, the wrong people can leave, the right people can stay.

If that’s not what is happening, then clarity isn’t present in enough quantity to make that possible.

Providing clarity is the work. And while doing that might seem like a rather endless journey in relative darkness, it is a journey worth taking.

Because once that clarity arrives, the clarity that YOU create, once it becomes obvious to the right people that you are the one with the relief for their pain, then abundance can flow without resistance.

It can flow into the lives of your customers and clients in the form of problems solved. And it can flow to you in the form of material reward in exchange for those solutions.

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