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The Journey of Becoming

Down the Rabbit Hole
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If you’re going to communicate the unique value to the world, you are embarking on a journey for which there is no off the shelf map available.

Not if you do it well.

This is a journey of discovery, where you are digging to find gold that is already present. You’re not searching around in the darkness for something you don’t have. You’re learning to see something that the Matrix has done its best to hide from you.

This journey happens in three parts:

First is developing a level of clarity of understanding about you, what you stand for, why you’re here, what is unique about the work you do and the results that you help create.

Second is embodying the willingness to show that truth to the world, knowing that in many instances, it will naturally polarize others.

From there the work becomes one of systems. How do you show and demonstrate this being to the world in a way that the message is delivered with impact? How do you methodically build relationships as a result of this “showing” with far more people than you could ever serve.

Clearly this type of work is far beyond the capacity of a paint-by-number system.

But it is work worth doing because this path of discovery provides the raw materials you need to completely separate what you do in the marketplace from every other option available to your prospective customers and clients.

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