Rewire the Matrix Programming and Conditioning Designed to Keep You SMALL

Develop Your “Sovereign Mind” and Live as a Full Expression of the Value You Bring to the World

It’s been almost twenty years since that first business networking meeting just north of Chicago. I was a wee bit clueless back then in the selling department, but I was determined to get my computer consulting business off the ground. And so I woke up at the crack of dawn and trudged off for some bacon, eggs and business at a local restaurant.

I’ll never forget when the older, slightly gruff, man sitting beside me leaned over and asked me what I charged to help people with computers. “$40 per hour,” I said.

He said, “That’s reasonable…”

I don’t really remember what happened right after that because I was too busy feeling good. It’s a little embarrassing to say now, but it’s true. At that moment, I was basking in that post validation glow where you FEEL good because of what someone else thinks of you.

Unfortunately, the glow only ever lasts for a few minutes or hours before you have to go looking for your next fix from somewhere else.

I thought that man’s response was a good thing. Little did I know how wrong I was.

How to Double Your Fees and Still Be Clueless!

After a few years, I worked my way up to charging $85 per hour. Now compared to many people, this is not too bad. And that’s what I kept telling myself. “Look how far you’ve come!” “At least you’re not digging ditches!”

What’s the problem with doubling your fees like I did? Shouldn’t that be good enough? “Come on Jason, don’t let your head get too big! Be humble, be modest, you can do it!”

To be fair, it was way better than most people were doing.

The problem is, I’m not “most people.” I don’t want to be “most people.” And I’ve been gifted with talents and abilities that, if used properly, put me well outside the jurisdiction of “most people.”

If you’re reading this right now, my hunch is that you possess similar possibilities.

You’ve been granted the skills and abilities to play much bigger than most. You’ve also been given the choice whether or not to realize your potential.

This is not about being special or better, this is about stewardship. It’s about realizing the full potential of who you can be. It is about being a good steward of what you’ve been given.

And back then, I wasn’t doing so well at that part.

The Money Part Was Screwed Up Because My Head Was Screwed Up

For all I talk about leadership, I can confidently say that back then, not once, not even for the briefest of moments, did I EVER think about myself as some type of leader in relation to my clients.


Without this mindset, it makes it very difficult to attribute the proper value to what you do. And until you value what you do, it’s a pretty big challenge to get someone else to value it.

But that’s what we do… that’s the fantasy land we hope shows up in front of us:

If Only Someone ELSE Would Show Me I’m Worth It, Then I Could Finally Feel That Way About Me Too!


If this is where you’re at, stop. That’s the most productive thing to do given the situation. Even if you have no idea about what to do next, at LEAST stop making it worse.

You will never find this fantasy land where everyone likes you.

You will never find this fantasy land where OTHERS are able to offer you something you can’t offer yourself.

You will never stop searching. You will be like a thirsty wanderer in the desert. And you will become a slave to this search and controlled by it, forever.

Everything you TRULY want (which may or may not be what you say you want) is on the other side of this mirage. When you are able to wake up and understand the mirage is fake, then you can get on with things.

THIS is the work most people never do.

I know this because I deal with this every day. I walk this journey and I help others do it too.

In the coaching work I do, most people come to me for advice regarding business. That’s rarely how it turns out, however. Usually, not too many days or weeks go by before we dig into working on much deeper and more profound areas.

I’m talking about the areas of mindset, self-image, self-worth and stuff like that.

Once we get there and begin to work on the deeper levels, some pretty amazing changes happen. It’s not ME doing it, it’s the power of the people I get to work with. They are doing it to themselves by shifting the way they “see” and the way they “think” about themselves and the people they work with.

It’s not that I’m magic, it’s just that I’m a good mirror. I just help people see things and think about things in ways that are helpful instead of harmful.

If You Know That You Have Room For Growth In How You View YOU, Then Consider This Your Invitation To Do Something About That

My goal is to show you how to resolve this garbage we have inside that keeps us small, that keeps us scared, that keeps us looking for validation, that keeps us from charging what we COULD be charging for our work.

Don’t think I have a magic wand that I’m going to wave and make things all better for you.

You’ve been TRAINED to think, act and feel this way. It’s on purpose. And frankly, as devious as it is that the system would do this to anyone, I have to say, they sure do a good job.

Most people are walking around thinking, believing and even “proving” to themselves just how worthless they truly are.

In the expert business, this is a recipe for MISERY. And in my humble opinion, it’s time for this garbage to stop.

Sovereign Mind: Rewire the Matrix Programming and Conditioning Designed to Keep You SMALL

I’ll lead you on a journey to upgrade your mindset and your ability to live as a full expression of the value you bring to the world.

This journey will be led by EMAIL, with a single email sent to you each week, for 8 weeks. These emails will walk you through a process for developing your own ability to rewire your mindset. You’ll be given exercises and “homework” during the 8 weeks that I’ll review and respond to. Our journey will end after the eight weeks of emails with a private 30 minute phone call between you and me to discuss where you’re at and how to transfer what we’ve covered to your own business.

This program highlights the path I’ve discovered over the years, that takes you through all of the head trash standing between YOU and the person you are designed to be.

Your mindset can be your greatest obstacle to success or your greatest ally. Which role it serves is completely up to you.

Enrollment for Sovereign Mind is $497. The first module will be sent immediately upon enrollment.