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Slavery Never Ended

By the Ocean
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7:54 a.m.

When a cat leaves the house without its driver’s license, he doesn’t feel anything.

But you do. Why?

When a dog is riding along in the car with you and sees flashing red and blue lights behind you, she has no feeling of impending doom.

But you do. Why?

My kids don’t even know what a “report card” is, but if they did and saw an “F” on one, that would have exactly ZERO meaning in their life. That’s certainly not how I responded when I got a bad grade. I bet you didn’t either, unless you were awake as a kid and already knew the whole system was B.S. (For the record, I never got an “F,” I was an overachieving slave, too willing to please.)

The extent to which you have been conditioned into slavery is why business is so hard.

You can’t even see the barriers to your success because they were designed to be invisible.

The barriers are what we’ve been trained to call NORMAL LIFE.

But it’s not normal. It’s a type of learned insanity that uses YOUR OWN ENERGY to limit yourself. That way, no one else has to be given that job.

How many things do you do in a day that are not, in some way, an act of compliance with someone else’s idea about how you should live?

We won’t list these because it’s embarrassing. I know that’s how I feel when I see the proof of the many ways that I perpetuate my own slavery.

If you want to succeed in business (and in life), then don’t be a slave.

Travel across that chasm of programmed tension, discomfort, fear and anxiety and you will find freedom.

Freedom is not a circumstance, it is a feeling. It is the feeling of being the authority in your own life.

“BUT YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” screams the mind control the fake authority invested trillions of dollars to install in your mind.

That voice is a liar. And it’s going to run your life until you stand up to it and tell it to stop. The best way to kill it is to starve it of awareness. Ignore it. It will go.

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and tell my kids I was too much of a coward to go against that voice. So I make a practice of going against it, all the time.

That voice wasn’t put there for my benefit, it was put there to keep me from delivering my gifts to the world.

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