Who Subscribes to a Long Print Newsletter in the 21st Century?

Business Owners Who Want to Master the Most Profitable Skill in the World

This Is the Skill You Need to Become the Only Logical Choice For Your Prospective Clients and Customers

“Why should they pick you?” That’s always the question your prospective clients and customers are trying to answer about your business.

If you know how to “sell yourself,” getting them to their answer becomes pretty effortless. Unfortunately, selling yourself is not something most people know how to do very well.

In fact, most business owners aren’t even sure what “selling yourself” even means.

  • Does it mean handing out business cards at those awful networking events where everyone wants to tell you how great they are?
  • Does it mean “following-up” until someone dies hoping that someday they’ll cave and just say, “yes?”
  • Does it mean “doing whatever it takes” to get the business and so you end up working for peanuts with clients and customers you can’t stand?

In my Universe, “selling yourself” is none of these things.

Instead, it’s a goal that you engineer so that your prospective customers and clients wake up one day and KNOW that you are the right choice for what they need. This is not magic, this is strategy.

You’re certainly not taught how to sell yourself in the Matrix. You have to seek out the knowledge on your own.

To sell yourself with any level of consistency, you have to actually believe in your own value. A belief is nothing more than a self-accepted truth.

And “slaves” in the Matrix aren’t supposed to believe in themselves because that specific type of belief makes them very difficult to control.

You’re allowed to believe in powerful things OUTSIDE of yourself, which is what the Matrix training and religious training is all about.

People will not think twice if you choose to believe in any one of the many flavors of religion available. But mention that you’re going to believe fully in YOU and you’ll start getting lectured by your friends and family about “being realistic.” I know this, because I lived it! These aren’t evil people, they’re just brainwashed and under the influence of Matrix programming.

Selling yourself POORLY generally involves becoming a pest that is so annoying, your poor prospect either submits to get you to leave or just runs away as fast as possible. We can all know people who do this. From my perspective, it’s a dumb way to be.

Selling Nails = Simple
SELLING YOU = Not So Simple

Selling a box of nails is simple. Almost anyone can muster the confidence to argue the nails are worth the price on the box. And no one would have an issue assuring a buyer the nails would get the job done.

But start trying to sell yourself to someone else, and things can get just a wee bit more complicated. For some reason, people find it far easier to be confident in the value of a box of nails than they find it to be confident in the value of themselves.

If confidence was the only hurdle, mastering the art of selling yourself, while not easy, would be extremely realistic.

Unfortunately, the challenge is actually much greater than that…

Because mastering the art of selling yourself means you have to deal with a lot more than just selling. There are three things that require your attention:

You Have Been Trained, Since Childhood, To Believe That You Suck

I could have phrased that more eloquently but I wanted to make sure the point got through.

You’re not supposed to be successful. You’re supposed to fall in line like everyone else and pull your weight like a worker bee in the system. So whether it was school, or religion or your parents, programs were installed in you that make you the LAST person to realize just how valuable you are.

You realize this is an issue when you go out to sell yourself and you spend years waiting for others to show you that you’re worth what you want.

This programming is evil. It is also reversible.

It’s not the easiest work to be done, but it is absolutely required if you want to be successful selling yourself.

BE a Somebody Who is Going Somewhere

Humans are attracted to “somebodies” who are going places. Do you know where you are going in your business?

More clarity means simpler, easier and quicker decisions. The path becomes obvious. It also completely insulates you from caring about what others think of you. You know where you’re going and that’s what matters.

Much of the frustration you experience trying to sell yourself is created by giving your time and attention to prospective buyers who do not deserve it. They do not deserve it because they are actually people who should not be welcomed on your journey towards success.

When you are clear about who you are, where you are going and how you are getting there, you can instantly spot people and opportunities that should be disqualified.

Build and Perfect Your Process For Engineering the Sale…of YOU!

There’s a difference between traditional selling and the type of selling you have to do when you’re selling yourself as a one-of-a-kind option. Traditional selling is a bit like wearing your poor buyer down until he says “yes.” Think of the annoying guy asking out the girl 50 times until she agrees to go on the date.

Our type of selling is where your buyer wakes up one day and decides that TODAY is the day to buy what you have. From the outside, it looks effortless–like magic. That’s because it is magic. But it’s really just strategy and execution.

What Is Possible When You Can Sell Yourself?

The short answer is there’s not much that isn’t possible. But that’s not a very specific answer.

Here are just a few data points from situations I’ve been involved in where the skill of SELLING YOURSELF was at play.

This skill was used to…

  • Generate $1.8 million from just 9 buyers in a room of 20 workshop attendees from one of the most skeptical and jaded professions on the planet.
  • Transform 1.4% of an entire magazine subscriber list (of 50,000 subscribers) into qualified leads with a single marketing piece designed to sell professional services priced between $36,000 and $90,000.
  • Completely remove the need for traditional selling from a professional services firm selling to Fortune 50 companies across the globe. A single weekly newsletter and “word of mouth” now power the entire revenue generation machine.
  • Boost the conversion rate of a single product promotion from 1.18% using traditional email marketing to 17.32% using a media platform model resulting in a revenue bump of $40,000.
  • Use the power of positioning, tone and other attraction methods to boost the annual revenue of a multiple six-figure company by 80% and double its profits in a single year.
  • Grow a professional services firm from 3 guys in a basement to $500K per month after designing a strict application process for prospective buyers.
To Achieve Things Others Don’t, You Must Think, Say and Do Things Others Won’t

Not many average business people get excited about subscribing to a monthly newsletter, printed on paper, that comes to your home or office in the mail.

“You mean… on real paper? Made from trees?”

“Who wants that in the 21st century?”

The answer is people who want to master the art of selling themselves. They want that. It should come as no surprise that a good many of them are extremely successful. Duh.

Because selling is the path to success. You don’t have to be slimy about it though. In fact, you can’t. Unless you want the world to ignore you. People are sick of the slime and will turn off the moment you show up like anything resembling a salesman.

Instead, you have to develop the ability to engineer sales without having to act like a slimy jerk.

If you’re hoping to be a trusted advisor to those you serve, this is non-negotiable.

And that’s what this invitation is all about.

The SELLING YOU Newsletter, Hotsheet and Advisory

If mastering the art of selling yourself is a journey you want to take, then consider this an invitation to become a subscriber of my Selling YOU newsletter.

Each month, you’ll get a new printed issue, delivered to your home or office. Each one will focus on developing your ability to sell yourself in a way that is powerful, effective, profitable and pretty much invisible to the folks on the outside.

The issues are shipped to the printer on the 15th of each month and in the mail shortly after that.

While there are no refunds, there are also no long term contracts. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Some months you’ll find practical and actionable information. Other months you’ll find deep insight that may not translate into action until months into the future.

What Would Happen If They Showed Up READY TO BUY?

The real secret is that we’re going to play a completely different game than the one everyone else who’s trying to sell their stuff is playing. Rather than pursuing selling yourself directly, you will pursue something else, something that creates a similar result in a very different way.

The way you “sell yourself” is to become an expert in the art of DEMAND CREATION. When you know how to do THAT, “selling yourself” becomes rather automatic.

DEMAND CREATION is part art and part science. It is not a hack or a best practice or something you’re going to see at most business seminars. It’s too advanced. Too nuanced.

It’s not obvious and stupid enough for the masses of “I want success tomorrow, so give me a paint-by-number system please” entrepreneurs who haven’t gotten up over the “hump” that we all have to pull ourselves over in business.

DEMAND CREATION is a craft. It is for real “players.”

The principle is simple:

When the demand for you exceeds the supply of you, YOU WIN.

And that’s a scenario you can engineer, if you know how to do that.

Not long ago, I sat down and wrote out instructions for doing this. These instructions walk through the steps required to engineer a situation that generates demand for you and what you have.

I call these instructions: DEMAND CREATION: The Secret Method For Selling More, Charging More and Getting “Them” to Chase You.

DEMAND CREATION is like a magnet that comes with buttons to increase the strength of its attraction. Instead of chasing down business and selling yourself directly, like most people think you have to do, you can simply “turn up” the power of the magnet and pull everything towards you.

You DO end up “selling yourself,” but in a way that looks a whole lot more like magic!

While this document is not for sale, at any price, I will send you a copy of it should you become a Selling YOU subscriber.

Plus I’ve got two other things to add…


Each Monday, SELLING YOU subscribers will also receive an electronic copy of The Monday Hotsheet.

Each issue is a “from the trenches” report of my recent discoveries in the business world–both from my own projects and client work.

I spend a lot of time and effort developing my skills to grow businesses using the power of direct response copywriting and marketing. And due to the nature of the clients I’m affiliated with, I am also privy to a level of “what’s working” knowledge most aren’t.

The Monday Hotsheet is how I share some of what I know with the greater community of SELLING YOU subscribers.

I can tell you that The Monday Hotsheet email I send out each week gets opened by about 80%-95% of subscribers. Not many businesses will ever see open rates like that.

Between the newsletter subscription and DEMAND CREATION and The Monday Hotsheet, that’s probably enough to completely transform the way you sell yourself to the world.

But there’s one more thing that comes with a SELLING YOU subscription:

Success Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All, It’s a Trail Specifically Made For You… You’ll Get My Help Finding That Path!

While there are specific universal principles that can lead you closer to success in your business, the exact path to the goals you want to achieve is something each business owners has to figure out for himself.

I spent years thinking there was a paint-by-number approach, a magical system that, if I could just find it, would deliver to me the business of my dreams. Not only was this stupid, it was extremely frustrating. And it led me to wander around in the business building “wilderness” for years.

I am here to give direction to business owners that leads them in the direction of their own success. It is my “stupid human trick.” It’s the thing I do better than anything and better than anyone I know.

But for me to do that, I need to know something about you, something about your unique situation, something about exactly what you’re trying to achieve and what you feel is standing in your way. I need to hear your voice, feel your vibe and understand who you are.

And for that reason, I make available to subscribers of SELLING YOU, bi-weekly “office hours” during which you can schedule a private 20 minute business consultation with me. During the consultation, we can speak about anything that will help you move forward in your business.

Success in business is a marathon, not a sprint. Once you’re on the inside of SELLING YOU, you’ll have access to my advice for helping you move forward in your business.

The “Slow” Way IS the “Fast” Way

Most business owners are looking for fast. They want progress yesterday. They want total transformation from a three hour seminar.

The good news is that there are plenty of folks ready and willing to take your money for that promise!

But that is not how growth and transformation happen. They happen in pieces, over time. Those who are looking for a big flash of transformation to come down from the heavens so they can get on with things end up waiting for a long time.

It’s far smarter to move forward, one step at a time, and develop your skills and abilities in a consistent manner. One day, you’ll look back and find it hard to believe just how far you’ve come.

SELLING YOURSELF is the most profitable skill you can develop.



Subscriptions are $99/month and are available from anywhere in the world, provided we can get mail there. We employ only the finest carrier pigeons for on time delivery!