There Are Only Two Types of Businesses:

Those That Figure Out How to Connect With a Steady Stream of People Who Can Benefit From What They Have…and Those That Don’t

Dear Business Owner,

You would think it wouldn’t be hard to help people. That if you have a sincere desire and ability to add value to the lives of others, those “others” would show up and let you help them.

But if you’ve been in any type of business for more than a few days, you already know that’s not the way it usually works.

What sounds like it shouldn’t be hard, attracting the attention of people to work with, can end up feeling like you’re on a deserted island, surrounded by miles of water, with no way to get the word out to the billions of people who live in the world.

Figuring Out How to Connect With the People You Can Help is the Purpose of the “Making It Rain” Workshop

You can’t do an internet search without tripping over someone promising to “FLOOD” your business with leads. But those solutions usually presuppose that they are right for your business. In my experience, that’s not exactly true.

In fact, there’s no ONE right answer to the “how do I generate leads” question. There are many answers. That’s a blessing and a curse. Because while there might be many potential paths to get you the lead flow you want, there are probably only one or two that are truly worth pursuing.

It’s a process. And at each point of that process, you have decisions to make.

To be blunt, it’s work. You might end up trying a lot of things. Most of them might not work. If you got awards for things that “didn’t work,” that would be nice. But clearly, that’s not reality.

So Many Solutions, So Few Problems Solved!

So if there are courses and experts out there for generating leads with just about every type of tool available, why do so few businesses actually get to the point where they figure out a way to connect with a steady flow of new people to help and generate the leads they want?

That’s a good question.

In order to answer the lead question, you need four things:

  1. A much better than average understanding of your buyer.
  2. A way to get yourself in front of your prospective buyers.
  3. A strategic understanding about what to show or say to a complete stranger so they “raise their hand” and identify themselves as someone you might be able to help. You must show up in a way that makes you different, that immediately piques the interest of your prospect enough to say, “Tell me more!”
  4. A straightforward plan for working through variations and changes and optimizing your lead generation system without going crazy.

There are a lot of pieces that could go into your system for generating leads. The problem is, there’s a good chance only a few of those things actually SHOULD be in your system.

Which ones belong? Does Facebook® belong? LinkedIN? Content syndication of your work online or consistent publication in industry/trade journals? Strategic partnerships with other business owners who have already built trust with your ideal prospects? Google Adwords®? Direct mail?

Lots of choices. Too many choices, in fact.

The “Making It Rain” Workshop is About Getting Your Plan For Lead Generation DONE

I designed the workshop as a “do it with you” process for getting a more predictable lead flow coming into your business. If you’re using a media platform in your business, then LEADS are what breathe life into your system.

The lead generation answer for a business consultant might look quite different than the one for a product centric business serving retired women.

This workshop isn’t about cramming your business into a pre-built “silver bullet” lead generation system, (if it was that easy, everyone would be using the same system!) it’s about configuring the tools available to you to build the right one for you.

Here’s how it works:

We do this work in two parts. Part One is a presentation of my approach for thinking about generating leads. This will offer my perspective, thinking and structuring of how I work through solving this problem for a business. From there you will get “homework” that will prepare you for Part Two. Part Two will include a one-on-one consultation with me, for 60 minutes, to build your plan for bringing a consistent flow of leads into your business.

The idea is to end up with a clear picture in your mind about how this can work for you and how to work your way through the process

That’s what makes lead generation such a challenge for most people. There’s no clear picture of the route to the goal. How do you get leads? Who knows?

It’s like putting together a puzzle without the image on the front of the box telling you what it needs to look like.

In the world of lead generation, you can pretty much throw out the rule book. There isn’t one! Instead, there are principles that you apply in various combinations in an attempt to reach the people YOU want to work with.

That can end up looking a lot of different ways:

The Truth Seems to Be This: You Actually Have to Do Some Work For the Privilege of Serving the World

Generating a steady flow of leads into your business, a flow that YOU can control, can be far more challenging than it looks. And we all know, real work isn’t something people want to buy!

So that’s why so many business owners are left to figure it out for themselves. Based on my experience, FEW DO FIGURE IT OUT. And that’s a shame.

It’s not rocket science. But it’s easy to get lost in the rising tide of failure and lose all sense of where you’re at and how to figure out the puzzle.

And who pays the price for that? Ultimately, it’s the people you could be helping all across the world. All of the ones who would benefit from what you have, but won’t because they have no idea you exist.

I know what it’s like, I’ve been there. You get excited about the possibility of figuring out lead generation and increasing the growth of your business. So you go out and give it a shot. Maybe something works, most of it doesn’t. So you start to get discouraged. You kind of hit a wall before you even get started, which doesn’t make it easier.

So you try again, but nothing much happens. You’re spending money on ads but not much is coming from it. How long should you keep this going?

Eventually, you get busy with other things and you move on to other issues that don’t seem so difficult to figure out. And then, six months go by and you realize you haven’t made one bit of progress on what IS the thing that separates success by design from success by chance.

This is the problem the “Making It Rain” Workshop is designed to solve in a process oriented way that doesn’t drive you nuts. It gives you a systematic approach to lead generation you can use over and over again.

We are all here with the opportunity to serve the world.

How MANY people we get to serve is something we can choose, provided we’re willing to do the work required to help them to discover we offer.

Enrollment is $997.