Sovereign Business Partner Program

I partner with select businesses to strategize, build and optimize client and customer attraction systems.

“Partner” is an important word in the arrangement. We sit on the same side of the table in pursuit of a common goal.

Sometimes, readers see the business systems I’ve created with others and want to begin building something like that for themselves. Other times, they see a project I’ve completed for another business and express interest in wanting something similar.

For Business Owners Who Just “Want It Done,” I Created the Sovereign Business Partner Program

This is a working program where we work together to BUILD the pieces that power your business.

We take a close look at your business. We identify where you’re at, where you’re trying to go. Then we outline the projects that need to happen to reach that goal and we start building.

And by we, I mean me.

For some, it might be a lead generating system including a website and follow-up emails.

For others, it might be a complete client attraction system, from strategy through implementation.

This is about speed and quality.

I have a unique set of skills that makes this possible. Just about anything you’ve seen on my website, in my marketing or lead generation systems, or Facebook advertising is stuff I’ve created myself.

Why wouldn’t I hire a team? Why wouldn’t I pursue the entrepreneurial dream of getting others to do the work so I could just sit with my feet up on the desk.

Because that’s not what I do.

So you get a single source for going from strategy to reality.

So you don’t need a “Facebook advertising guy…”

Or a “marketing guy…”

Or a “web guy…”

Or a “copywriter…”

And you’re not working with my “team,” because I don’t have a team. You’re working with me for everything.

There are no proposals, just a single monthly fee to be a member of the program.

Enrollment is $10,000 per month.

The terms of the program are extremely simple:

This is a monthly program. Your enrollment renews each month until you tell me to stop.

There are no contracts, no minimums, no “lock-in.” You remain a member of the program for as long as you are receiving value far in excess of the membership fee.

All I ask is a 30 day notice when you feel you are ready to move on.

We work in 30 day compartments that are supported by four brief phone calls each month.

  • The first call of each month is exactly 30 minutes. During this call we talk about the coming month’s work. Milestones are set, and specific projects (i.e. website creation, autoresponder creation, advertising campaigns, etc.) are outlined and clear objectives are defined.
  • Each of the other three weeks, we will also have a 30 minute phone call to talk about progress and make adjustments.
  • In between, I am executing the implementation of everything we agree on. While I do that, you are enjoying your life and business knowing major progress is happening.

Due to the customized nature of the program and limits on my time, there are only 4 available spots open…ever.

The Sovereign Business Partner Program enrollment is by application only.

To begin the process, please complete the application below.

Serious inquiries only, please.


Colin Receveur
SmartBox Dental
(Acquired in 2022 by Amplify360)

Sovereign Business Partner Program Application