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My Biggest Mistake in Business

On an Island
Rain 75 Degrees
11:38 a.m.

The biggest mistake I made in business (so far!) is falling for the myth that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Agreeing with that “fact” will get you an “A” in Matrix school, but in real life, especially in business, it can create real problems.


Because the minute you chart a straight line to your goal, like every rational person will tell you is a “smart” thing to do, you take OUT of the success equation the way we are made to create.

Saying, “I’M GOING THAT WAY” allows your ego mind to artificially limit possibility so that it can feel important. Go ego! You show ’em!

I have proven to myself, over decades, that this is a dumb thing to do when you’re a magical being made of stardust. It’s nothing more than guessing and gambling with your life, which is why it’s so frustrating.

It IS the way of business in the Matrix mind you, so don’t go blabbing this type of talk to just anyone. They might have you committed for showing signs of what will be called “mental instability.”

We are made to create based on TWO points: where we’re at and where we want to go. With those two things, there are only two other ingredients we need:

  1. To embody the FEELING of the destination point. How will we feel when we’re there?
  2. To PAY ATTENTION as you move through reality and interact with the raw material of your world.

We don’t need to know the route. We can’t know the route. It doesn’t exist yet. It WON’T exist until after we walked it.

Allowing your mind to chart the route unnecessarily limits your focus on how to make that route work instead of allowing the power of synchronicity to reveal one step of the route to you at a time.

“Serious” business people are too far trapped in their prison to allow for heresy such as this. They’ll call this approach fluffy, or woo-woo, or some other word right before they pound another adrenal killing energy drink down their pie hole.

But the Matrix trains us to search for knowledge about the route. “How” do you do it? That’s what we have to know! How can we walk if we don’t know where we’re going?

We do know where we’re going, we just don’t know how we’re getting there.

We’re not supposed to KNOW the way. We’re supposed to understand how to be SHOWN the way.

The shortest distance between two points isn’t a straight line, it’s the route you’re supposed to take to arrive at the destination with little to no effort. Like magic.

“So this is about being lazy then Jason?”

No, it’s about being smarter and more powerful than the Matrix wants you to be.

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