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Muggle Manipulation

Down the Rabbit Hole
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It’s not hard to manipulate Muggles, those non-magical folks who are completely locked into the Matrix program for living.

These are the people who wake up thinking about their credit score, about mortgage rates, about getting Johnny into his favorite school or hoping that Suzy gets that well paying job with a good health plan.

Muggles live in a world full of the things they’ve been trained to think matter. They obsess, they worry, they plan, they hope, and then they worry some more. They’re constantly living their tomorrows because they’ve been conditioned to dare not live TODAY.

And that’s why manipulating them is so easy. Fear of loss, hope for gain, lack of confidence, self-worth, scared to death of being set apart from the herd, a deep and ever present dissatisfaction with NOW… The list of hot buttons to press is very long.

They write lots of books about how to manipulate these people. And those who do it well are ushered onto stage to teach others how to do it too.

Unlike the world of Harry Potter, however, where Muggles are born, not made, Muggle-dom in the Matrix is nothing more than a learned state of being.

Each being on this planet (except maybe for the lizard people who are trying to murder humanity) is magical. Each being is capable of creating far more than we’ve ever been told.

I’m not here to manipulate the Muggles. I know it pays well, I know you can become famous doing it. But it doesn’t add value to the world in any way, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Plus, it just perpetuates the current shitstorm we’ve got going on already that is only tolerated because too many people are scared to death of living.

Trying to “wake” somebody up is a fool’s errand that leads to a lot of frustration. In the process, you’re usually called crazy and nuts and a lot of other things. Some people just get shot!

I came to help people with magic. I’m in the business of working with the folks who already woke up and realized there is more to life and work than what they’ve been told.

Everyone CAN “wake up,” but not too many do. They prefer the comfort of the prison that was made for them. They feel better within the four walls that promise them safety even at the expense of their freedom and creative capacity.

Muggle business gurus says you should find a market need and fill it.

Is that what your heart wants to do? Hopefully it does, or going that route seems like a really dumb and miserable thing to do just to get some money.

It’s not hard to know you’re magical. I imagine you can feel it. The challenge often comes with how to fully connect to that part of yourself and bring it out into the world.

You came here to improve the life of some specific people. Who are they? Where are they? How can you deliver your gifts to those people?

Those are the questions to ask on the journey to sharing your magic with the world.

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