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How to Become a Thought Leader

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I chanced upon someone’s website the other day where he called himself a “thought leader” and I found myself wondering how exactly you become one of those.

You can just call yourself that. You can self-proclaim it. I know certain gurus who say that’s a smart thing to do.

It’s certainly easy! Just put that phrase everywhere, whatever phrase you want to be known by! You could be a “thought leader,” a “visionary,” a “revolutionary,” the “world’s greatest” something, the “world’s #1” something else. The possibilities are endless, and all of them are free and instantly accessible!

I can see two problems with this approach:

First, it’s weak. And it broadcasts a level of insecurity and neediness that is hard to beat.

Second, it’s not really the title we want, now is it? What we’re really after is the recognition of the title by others.

And that isn’t something you command just by saying it. In fact, if you have to say it, it’s probably because you’re NOT “it.”

So what does that leave you with? If you WANT to be a thought leader, or anything else, how do you go about getting known as one?

The answer is simple, but not exciting:

You act like one. And then you do it again tomorrow, and again the next day, and you don’t stop.

Status is something you are gifted by others because it accurately describes the way you are BEING.

This is what a media platform is for. It is a vehicle to EARN whatever status you want.

It is slow, methodical, timeless and powerful.

And that means, only a select few will ever do it.

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