Designed To Prosper


You Are Uniquely Designed to Prosper in Business and in Life

This Is Your Invitation To Discover What That “Design” is, How It Works and How to Leverage That Understanding to Follow Your Unique Path to Success

Growing up, I had all the markings of a special and talented kid…

I got straight A’s, I played on sports teams, I won a couple of science fairs, attended one of the elite music conservatories in the country, won a national music competition, wrote for the school paper, and blah, blah, blah.

From the outside looking in, I looked special, I just didn’t feel like it.

After college (didn’t graduate!), when I realized I was psychologically unemployable, I quit my soul-sucking job at a bank (by fax) and started selling cars.

From there I moved into computer consulting, marketing and then to whatever you call what I do today, which is basically helping people succeed in business in the way that is right for them.

For most of my early business career, I was under the impression that there was a path to success and that I had to find it.

It took me a while to discover that…

I Was Both Very Right and Very Wrong

Yes, there was a path to success. But no, it was not something “out there” that I had to find.

The big blind spot in the normal journey to success, the one where you buy all of the books, courses and trainings from other successful people, is that they offer no mention of a very unique variable in the success equation:

That “variable” is YOU.

I paid no attention to this variable except when my attempts to succeed didn’t work. That’s usually when I looked at myself in the mirror and started thinking that I wasn’t cut out for this journey, that I’d never make it work, that I just didn’t have what was required to “get there” like so many other people had done in business.

What I did do was “try harder.” And as you might expect, that didn’t turn out so well!

And then, one day, I moved to a little desert town called Sedona Arizona and came in contact with a body of knowledge that would change everything about my journey to success.

That body of knowledge is what is referred to as Human Design. That’s a way of understanding how you are wired to move through the physical reality.

[NOTE: If you don’t have an open mind, are completely brainwashed by the Matrix into believing only what you see with your eyes, or if you think the stars, the cosmic bodies and unseen energies of reality have no bearing on your success in life or business, then you’re going to be wasting your time to read any further. Should you ever change your mind, then come back and finish reading. If you’re still here, then we’ll continue…]

That’s when I discovered the source of my struggles in business:

I Had No Idea That I Was Designed To Succeed, But That the “Design” Was Completely Unique to Me!

So that meant my path to success wasn’t going to look like anyone else’s. And once I knew that, I could get about doing the real work, which was to open my eyes to discovering the path that was right for me.

And that is the work I’ve been doing for the past 13 years, using the understanding of my unique self to create a path towards business success that is perfectly customized to what makes me, me.

Had I known about this knowledge and how to apply it to my unique business journey back when I started, I could have saved myself an enormous amount of pain, struggle and frustration.

And that’s my intention for this invitation, to help you both understand your unique “design” for prospering and how to apply that to your business.

Designed to Prosper: How to Discover Your Unique Path to Success in Business

In this “Designed to Prosper” class, I’ll be talking about what I’ve discovered over the past 13 years regarding this knowledge to help grow your business.

I didn’t find this in a search engine. I pieced it together, over time, by experimenting with what I was told and taking it to the real world. After a while, I learned a lot about how to translate what I saw on a piece of paper to practical, real-world strategies for growing your business.

Here are just a few of the things we’ll cover…

  • How to discover, in about five minutes or less, whether or not you are designed to have problems setting fees, being pressured by clients and customers, pursuing ideas in your business that aren’t even yours, problems understanding who you are, and more.
  • Exactly what types of clients, customers and opportunities you are wired to attract and why. When you know, you’ll be aware and expecting them.
  • Where in your “design” you can look to understand how you are uniquely wired to make money.
  • Which marketing strategies you are designed to benefit from and which ones will cause frustration and struggle in the marketplace.
  • How to rewire your mindset and belief structure so they interfere with the full expression of your unique design in business. (Based on my experience, this is pretty common. It’s also not fun!)
  • The optimal way for you to make decisions about what to do in your business.
  • Why certain things will never change about how your business works and how you can leverage that understanding to create success more easily.
There’s Just One “Catch!”

The catch is that, to get value out of this, you need to have the raw materials required for the journey. What are those? To be clear, if you do not have the items below, please do not enroll.

You need the following pieces of information:

  • The date of your birth.
  • The location of your birth.
  • The exact (as exact as possible) time of your birth.

No one can really tell you how to prosper if they have no idea who you are. They can tell you how they prosper, or what they did, but they can’t really tell you how you should do it.

With this body of knowledge, that has changed. It is now possible to discover the knowledge, specific to YOU, to help you navigate the world of business in the way you are designed to do it.

While there is a lot of depth in this body of knowledge, for this class, we’re going to focus strictly on applying its wisdom to business.

If you’re looking for a deeper understand of how to find your way to the success you seek, this will be a valuable step on that journey.

Enrollment for Designed to Prosper is $497.