Is Your Business Positioned to Prosper?

Or Is a Lack of Clarity About How to “Show Up” Forcing You To Work Too Hard For Too Little?

Years ago, I worked with an engineer turned entrepreneur who decided to start a business as a magazine publisher.

Each month, he’d publish a new issue of the magazine and try to crack the code on increasing his subscriber base.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that this was going to be the fast lane to the poor house.

So he made a change…

He decided to completely reposition his offering. He repurposed his magazine, not as a standalone publication, but as one of the benefits of joining his new community of like minded people…people who resonated with the subject area he focused on.

He transformed a bunch of glossy pages into a new association people could join.

With that one decision, he completely shifted how he showed up.

Over the next few years, it became extremely obvious that he was on the road to a level of success that most people never experience.

I worked with him and some other great people during those early days to build the systems required to attract attention, create new members and nurture that relationship over time.

Surely mistakes were made. But based on my recollection, there weren’t many! Not big ones anyway.

Fast forward to today and this business has exploded…you can hear their advertising on national radio and they have risen to become a MAJOR player in their industry.

Today the business has grown to serve 600,000 members and has around 600 employees.

When we started, the “marketing department” was two people. Me and one other guy. These days, I hear it’s up to about 60!

The Power of Positioning

That is the power of positioning. If you do it wrong, it’ll feel like every day is a swim upstream.

If you do it right, you will enjoy the benefit of a type of momentum that no amount of money can buy.

So what is positioning?

Positioning is how you show up in the marketplace.

“Show up” includes a lot of things…

  • It includes how you package what you do.
  • If includes WHO you choose to serve.
  • It includes the BIG IDEAS that separate you from all other choices in the marketplace and ideas that resonate deeply with your prospective clients and customers.
  • It includes the tone you take when you’re talking about your work, who it’s for and who it’s not for.
  • It includes the story you tell about why you do what you do, how you it, and what future result your customers and clients will enjoy because of it.
  • It includes the systems, methods and strategies you use to attract and build relationships with those you serve.
  • And a lot more…

Think about how you “show up” now in your business. Was that done by design? Or did it all just happen without much thought?

What IS the best way to show up in your marketplace considering the group of people you want to serve?

The minute you start thinking about that, you realize that coming up with an answer isn’t the problem. The problem is that there are really an unlimited number of answers.

Choosing the right answer is the challenge.

Positioned to Prosper Business Review and Report of Findings

The Positioned to Prosper Business Review and Report of Findings is an offering for business owners who want my help and insight on improving their current positioning in the marketplace.

If you’re just getting started or don’t yet actually have a functioning business, this will not be a good fit for you. While it might deliver an enormous amount of clarity, the time would not really be right to realize the benefit of that clarity while you are still at the early stages of business creation.

But if you’re at the point where you want to move your current business to a new level of clarity and success, then this work will provide a method for doing that.

Digging Deep Into What Your Buyer Really Wants and Whether Or Not That’s What You’re Offering In Its Current Form

Our work will begin with a recorded 60 minute Question and Answer session and Business Review. You won’t be asking the questions, I will. The goal is to develop a deep understanding of what you have and how best to present it to the people you serve.

  • We’ll get clear on exactly what your buyers want and whether the current form of your offering (and even entire business) is suited to deliver that.
  • We’ll talk about the story you are bringing to the world and how to craft that so it delivers the truth of your message in a way that maximizes the emotional impact it has on the people you serve.
  • We’ll review your current systems and processes for attracting attention, building relationships and sifting and sorting buyers from “lookie-loos” and figure out what changes could be made to more systematically achieve results with less effort.

From there, I will take the results of our call and generate a “Report of Findings” with my specific recommendations for how to improve the positioning of your business in the marketplace and leverage that improvement into measurable business growth in a systematic way.

The Report will include a thorough review of your website as well as instructions for how to apply this new positioning to your current marketing systems.

Depending on your specific situation, the Report might include short passages of rewritten sales copy, positioning statements to clarify various aspects of how you show up in the marketplace and even an email message to provide an example of the tone you can take when communicating with prospects, clients and customers.

Our work together will conclude with a final 30 minute phone conference to review the report and provide any clarity you need for implementing the findings in your business.

The Two Types of Businesses

There really are only two types of businesses in the marketplace: those that are well-positioned to create the success they seek and those that are not.

Doing the work to craft and optimize your positioning in the marketplace is not magic, it is simply a choice you make.

“Hard work” will only get you so far.

And to be clear, the Positioned to Prosper Business Review and Report of Findings is not about hard work. It is about providing a foundation of powerful IDEAS and strategic insights and recommendations to make each minute of hard work more productive and valuable for your business.

Enrollment for the Positioned to Prosper Business Review and Report of Findings is $2,997. After our initial phone conference, you can expect your finished Report of Findings within 14 business days.