PCA 101

Discover How To Do the Work You Love Within the Protected Jurisdiction of a Private Contract Association

When my wife gave back her license to practice midwifery, we weren’t sure what the next step was. The rules and regulations of the license kept her from making decisions that were in the best interest of the women she served. So she decided to burn it up and try something else.

First, we ran away to a state where licensing was not required. We knew nothing, so we thought the grass would be greener elsewhere.

That turned out not to be the case.

Virtually everything in the system is basically illegal except that which is permitted by license. So if you are bound by those codes and statues, and if you had a normal upbringing, then really, your only option is to jump through the hoops required to be granted permission to do what you want to do.

Or at least that’s what we’re trained to believe.

This is an Invisible Prison Most People Have Been Trained to Call “Normal” Life

Our hearts know this is not normal. The system is, in fact, a containment field for your ability to create.

When you go out to serve the world, this becomes a huge problem. We are trained to believe we must ask permission to do the things that help others and make us feel alive.

This is a lie.

Eventually, my wife and I found a door to a world we didn’t know existed. A world where there are no longer obstacles between the desire to serve the world and actually doing it.

My wife does her work and I do mine. But we do it in a way that is outside of the public system.

This online class will walk you through the foundational understanding for how to do what you love within the protected jurisdiction of a Private Contract Association.

This will be a detailed education to lay the foundational understanding you need for what this journey is about.

PCA 101: A Detailed Look at Doing the Work You Love Within the Protected Jurisdiction of a Private Contract Association

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NOTE: This class is a prerequisite for accessing our premium offering, PCA 102, a “done-with-you” process for helping you create a Private Contract Association and all of its supporting structures.