Getting Control of the Magic

Sunrise 37 Degrees 6:47 a.m. The fact is, you’re already far more free than you think… It’s just that you’ve been trained ot use your power AGAINST yourself rather than for yourself. You are a projection machine. What you have on the inside is what you create on the outside. Most people are trained to have worry, anxiety, fear, dread, uncertainty and lack on the inside. And look around at what has been created. Step one is to understand how to control this power. Psycho Cybernetics is a good book to help you do that. Another option is this short report I wrote for a business audience called “Just Like Magic.” Growing up, I was told that magic was the … Read more

Giving To Yourself

Just Me, the Stars and the Coyotes 41 Degrees 5:13 a.m. The thing that seems to have been overlooked at school, at church and elsewhere throughout the system is that, most things that matter, are things we must learn to give ourselves. For example…in school we are trained to set our sights on getting a good job. We work hard, we put in the time, hoping someone will give us that job. We go out into the world in full ownership of our time and how we use it during each day. Then we compete with others to give control of that time to someone else (in exchange for money) and then spend the following days trying to get some … Read more

When the “Valedictorian” Has a Change of Heart

Dark as Night 37 Degrees 4:45 a.m. From the outside looking in, one might wonder how a “Straight A Sheep” like me transformed into someone who is now clear that schooling is child abuse. Seems like quite a journey to make doesn’t it? And over just a few years? “Aren’t you being a wee bit harsh,” Jason? “Shouldn’t you tone it down before you draw too much attention to yourself?” “Nobody likes a fanatic man!” “You’ve always been such a problem, and now you’re going after school teachers?” (To be clear, I wish all good-hearted school teachers the best. I am sure they will find a way to provide value to the world once the institution of schooling dissolves as … Read more

Giving Up the Fight to Get In

Sunny 44 Degrees7:36 a.m. My son Egan was born at home on September 21, 2004. I was scared to death. It was the very first child we had at home and I didn’t know what to expect. The midwife told me to turn the water heater to HIGH to prepare to fill the enormous pool my son would enter the world into. Being the over achieving sheep I was back then, I listened to her. But minutes before my son came earth side, we realized the water was hot enough to poach an egg. So I ran down to the corner store, just about a block from our flat in Chicago, and bought as many bags of ice as I … Read more